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    Property Maintenance Services

    Are you on the lookout to renovate or repair your home or business? No need to keep searching!

  • Decorators design studio

    Exceptional service

    Any maintenance issues can be diagnosed by our Operations Manager
    in no time due to our exceptional service of property maintenance.

Welcome to Exceed Home Group.

We are a trustworthy and welcoming company that operates around North West London and nearby areas for homeowners, landlords as well as corporations.

The aim of ours is to take over communication with a multitude of tradesmen from the client so that they have no difficulties in the process of property management. This is valid both for professional and part-time landlords.

You will be surprised with the premium quality tailor-made finish that brings immediate value and attractiveness to your home or business, with interior and exterior services available on all properties.

We will forward you to the right professionals, whether you need help with a simpler task where one qualified worker can handle it or a team of experts in separate fields of experience.

Complete service

Leave the frustration of having to handle various firms to manage the property smoothly in the past. All services of property management can be found in one place - Exceed Home Group.

Fixed or adapted pricing

For your needs and financial capabilities
If you're searching for all-inclusive services or a business arrangement, we will adapt our product to suit not only your needs but also your financial capabilities. The handyman services that we offer are with a fixed hourly or daily charge, though we can provide an estimation for greater work as well. This way, our client is able to plan and adapt accordingly.

Services offered just around the corner.

Guaranteed efficiency
To ensure that services are executed in an efficient manner and to maintain our pricing competitiveness, we only offer our help conducted by qualified specialists locally.

Our Services

More Services


To satisfy your needs, our team of professional tilers can either propose tiling services only or provide you with fully inclusive assistance like sourcing the perfect tiles, picking stone for your tiling project.
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We provide a wide range of flooring services customized according to our customers, whether you are looking for parquet flooring or want to revitalize your dull wooden floor.

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Our professionally trained and skilled plumbers can come to your house, office or any other kind of property at a convenient time to tackle your plumbing issues, from leaky taps and broken pipes to gas leaks.
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Refurbishment services include internal refurbishment of the property, i.e. decorating and wallpapering and external refurbishments such as outer walls and building facades.
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Extensions & Lofts

Have you had an extension or a loft conversion on your wishlist for a while? Exceed Home Group, an expert in home extensions, can manage the whole construction project for you.
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A lot of responsibility falls into the hands of electricians, as faulty electrical work could put your home and your whole family at risk.

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We can assure you that you will be left satisfied with the result of the painting project: the walls of your property will attract attention with the help of our tried and trusted highest-grade instruments and top quality paint & painters.
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We are proud of delivering a timely, competent, well-mannered and meticulous service,
combined with high quality workmanship.