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About us

Exceed Home Group is a London-based full-service Property Maintenance Company serving the region of the North West.

As a company that offers all the property maintenance services under one roof, we seek to accomplish any building or property maintenance project from a single phone call to any timeline.

If you are constructing a new house or extension, carrying out repairs or alterations, Exceed Home Group team will provide you with the answers.

From outlining the expenses on any step of the project to planning the payments and work tasks, we'll help you stay in charge.

We are proud of delivering a timely, competent, well-mannered and meticulous service, combined with high-quality workmanship.

Over the years, we've built good partnerships with many suppliers. Today, we have a wide variety of the best ones to team up with for our offer of services. As one of our customers, you can not only browse our vendor's list and get trade deals, but you'll also benefit from their expert advice and, of course, ours.

The Exceed Home Group is where devoted and hard-working engineers, craftsmen and operatives are gathered. We can guarantee that the result will blow you away due to the efforts of our experts.

Complete service

Leave the frustration of having to handle various firms to manage the property smoothly in the past. All services of property management can be found in one place - Exceed Home Group.

Fixed or adapted pricing

For your needs and financial capabilities
If you're searching for all-inclusive services or a business arrangement, we will adapt our product to suit not only your needs but also your financial capabilities. The handyman services that we offer are with a fixed hourly or daily charge, though we can provide an estimation for greater work as well. This way, our client is able to plan and adapt accordingly.

Services offered just around the corner.

Guaranteed efficiency
To ensure that services are executed in an efficient manner and to maintain our pricing competitiveness, we only offer our help conducted by qualified specialists locally.

Tiling jobs


Flooring jobs


Painting jobs


Extension jobs

We are proud of delivering a timely, competent, well-mannered and meticulous service,
combined with high quality workmanship.